My recipe for making people happy:

  • Tell parents that their child is beautiful.
  • Tell neighbors that their dog is beautiful.
  • Tell little kids that their bikes are fantastic.

Odd Urban Honour


The Mary Lou Beatty Memorial Park, in Olympia, Washington, on 5th street near Washington.

Proportion and Civilization


Jordan is supporting 1.3 million Syrian refugees within its borders, and many in the United States want to take up arms against children fleeing to their nation, many of whom are escaping death and rape?

Very Cool Project


A super-talented Kwantlen Polytechnic University student of mine is helping his friend establish The Canadian Arachnoid Cyst Foundation. From its GoFundMe website:

We are raising money to build the Canadian Arachnoid Cyst Foundation. The Foundation has three main goals:

  • To establish a support group to assist in the daily affliction of living with an arachnoid cyst, where moral support, advice, and personal relationships are offered;
  • To accept donations and issue grants to assist in the financial burden of living with an arachnoid cyst, to help cover medication  and/or surgery costs;
  • To raise awareness within the Canadian medical community of the problems that arachnoid cysts do indeed cause.

Surprisingly little is known about arachnoid cysts, and doctors have, for the great majority, been educated that these are ‘asymptomatic’, and do not cause problems. Despite the overwhelming number of people with arachnoid cysts which are dismissed as an ‘incidental finding’ on MRI or CT scan, they all seem to present the same issues, symptoms, and affliction – depending on the area of the brain these cysts sit on, one or more functions of the brain can become impaired. …

Many people get turned away from the ER, told that they are or will be fine, go on to have many many more problems, and it is the Foundation’s mission to save people with arachnoid cysts years and years of needless suffering by having patients properly treated and attended to in a dignified manner. …

What we are looking for to get started is not much. Our budget includes our cost to get started, pay for the smallest amount of legal help we can, help the Foundation become a legal entity, and get started gathering donations and grants, so that we may issue help to people who are badly in need, and otherwise unable to get the assistance they need, in the time frame they need it.

Tom Tomorrow’s take

Picture 2


In terms of money, I think that Hobby Lobby’s “victory” in the Supreme Court today was Pyrrhic, and that the lawyers who advised the family who owns most of the shares *must* have advised them of this. The company will lose a number of highly trained employees as well as a large number of long-term customers. That is money going out the door.

The company might save a little money in insurance costs.

The family loses. It must have known. This family *believes* in the cause.


1: I’ve tried out my theory on two friends of mine. One thinks Hobby Lobby’s sales will go through the roof. The other nodded politely.

2: Dan Savage is at work on a neologism. – 3 July

Kwantlen addendum

The Province newspaper and the NDP weigh in on the Kwantlen compensation controversy. Neither is pleased, alas.


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