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Cristina Rad's YouTube pieces are hilarious

While people like Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Paul Kurtz, and my old buddies at the Center for Inquiry have been making worthy impassioned cases for science and secularism for a long time, Cristina Rad’s rhetorical approach adds a delightful new flavour (and a Romanian accent) to the debate. Here’s her YouTube channel, blog, and Twitter feed.


I’m delighted to present the completely revised website for the Acting Together (AT) project. AT is a community-based research project led by a coalition of community stakeholders and academic institutions, and based at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey, BC, Canada. It is funded by SSHRC through the CURA award. The aim of AT-CURA project is to identify factors that prevent youth from violent and gang related criminal activities. Using mixed methodology of academic research (Quantitative) and community consultations (Qualitative) the project will provide an evidence-based foundation to create programs to foster the identified preventive factors among youth.

Maria Basil Honoured

My Tough As Nails Sister Maria Basil in the Early Years

Congratulations to my sister Maria for being honoured as a “Professional Woman on the Move” by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Upstate New York chapter. Maria is a successful architect whose specialty is health-care design.

Truly Careful for What He Wished For


Man One: “When I was a young man, I was so moody I would tell God I’d trade my brains for some peace of mind.”

Man Two: “How long did it take you to figure out God agreed to the trade?”

Man One: “It only dawned on me last week that God *had* agreed to the trade.”

Man Two: “And we got beer in the fridge.”