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Return to America

Made a quick trip to Manhattan and to Buffalo a couple of weeks ago: To Manhattan to visit my new niece, Joey, to see one of my sisters, Jen, and to take in the sights (MOMA’s exhibition of Women Photographers was magnificent); to Buffalo to hang out with my med-student son, Miles, living across the street from the hospital in which he was born, and to meet up with my other sister, Maria, and our Mom and Dad at one of my favourite old haunts for a delightful Saturday brunch.

Both cities reminded me, with great force and some surprise, why I love and consider them, with Vancouver, home.

“Crossover Artist”

Dr. Bowman

Vancouver’s Dr. Cameron Bowman is a hero to some good friends of mine, and to a number of the transgendered models in T-Bodies Productions’Manamorphosis” calendars and playing cards. There is an excellent profile of the bold and brilliant doctor in March’s Vancouver Magazine: “Sex Reassignment as an Artform.”  “No one was helping these people,” notes Dr. Bowman in the article. “There is that moment when a transgender patient wakes up after surgery and looks in the mirror to see a body that is startlingly new and yet somehow familiar. That’s my favourite part, that first reaction. Sometimes they cry – that makes me cry sometimes. They hug you and say, ‘Thank you.’ That’s why I do this.”

[Last week’s superb series of Global News pieces on transgendered individuals can be seen here. Dr. Bowman is featured.– 25 April ’11]

Inside and Outside the VAG today

I love the culture of Vancouver.



New York City

Home base is 106th street this time, near Riverside Park, with great friends and their new daughter. (The graffito above’s from a wall in Little Italy, c.2004.)