I’ve read that shoes hanging from trees or wires indicate that a crack-house is nearby. These are hanging next to Vancouver’s Lord Roberts Elementary school.


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This is beautiful Bob.

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Great topic! :)

I would say that is up to the who ever threw those shoes in the first place.

Like all things in the world of criminal activities, no one will ever be sure if that is a calling card for drugs sales or not? I have only talked to other parents and some young adults who claim this shoe story to be true. But who can substantiated it, other than the police?

I did look up “Shoe Tossing” on Wikipedia, and it turns out that the hanging shoes could mean a multitude of things? Everything to a bully, or some cultural ritual of marriage or a thief bent on revenge.

It could also be a statement, or art.

Enjoy the month of May Bob!


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Thanks for this one Bob. A little creepy that. Just used this post as an example in my ENTR3110 class. Cheers!

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