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Stand Up for Mental Health

DVD Cover of "Cracking Up," a wonderful documentary

That’s Eufemia Fantetti, above, a member of the “Stand Up for Mental Health” comedy team, a Vancouver group that is the subject of a low-key but inspiring documentary called “Cracking Up.” The documentary follows about a dozen Vancouver-area residents who have depression, schizophrenia, and a range of other mental and emotional challenges, as they learn how to use stand-up comedy to make their lives happier and more rewarding. Eufemia’s first joke when she walks onstage wearing that wedding dress: “Ever feel as though you’re supposed to BE somewhere?”

Pretend We’re Dead

I sing this song to myself many a morn when I wake up. So much joy! L7 was a wonderful band.

Happy Mother’s Day

Michael Meldrum

Michael Meldrum

Michael Meldrum, photo by Rose Mattrey

Farewell, Michael Meldrum. Buffalonians will always remember your generosity to musicians, including good friends of mine. On May 9 there will be a celebration of your life at Nietzsche’s, where you hosted legendary open-mic nights for decades. I was there for a lot of  them, and wish I could be there next Monday. Rest in peace, real good guy.

Michael Meldrum and Friends

Michael Meldrum and Friends


I’ve read that shoes hanging from trees or wires indicate that a crack-house is nearby. These are hanging next to Vancouver’s Lord Roberts Elementary school.