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The C-Free List

Kat Kosiancic in Costa Rica

My friend Kat’s wonderful website, The C-Free List, “consists of things that I have found helpful on my quest for well being after I was diagnosed with breast cancer over two years ago … things that I feel help the body, mind, and spirit to recover and maintain good health and balance through life. It includes recommendations for services, books, documentaries, diets, super foods, vitamins and supplements, alternative therapies and also touches on yoga, meditation, gratitude, forgiveness, love, kindness and more.” The site explores alternative & complementary therapies, books, music mantras & meditation, and natural highs, and much else, with Kat’s deep insight and intelligence.

Kat in Vancouver

Beauties on Bikes

One of my life’s greatest pleasures has been hearing about, and then seeing, the photographic projects of my friend Lincoln Clarkes as he’s working on them, before any of the work has been published. Late last year, during a visit to Vancouver in his high-up hotel room on Robson Street, he showed me his Toronto Cyclists photographs. I found them mesmerizing. Like much of Lincoln’s work, the charm of the individual portraits is intensified by their placement in such a grand series. (The same was true with the astonishing, heart-rending “Heroines” series, which changed the way our entire nation looked at our downtown eastside neighbors, hurting in our midst.)

Lincoln finally published part of his Cyclists series, 100 photographs, today, May Day.