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Live chat with Hardball’s Executive Producer, John Reiss

MSNBC puts my buddy in front of the camera …

Kwantlen’s New President

As a long-ago graduate of SUNY/Buffalo, I’m pretty jazzed about the new guy, Dr. Alan Davis, whose most recent tenure was as president of Empire State College at the State University of New York.

From the Kwantlen website: “With his colleagues at SUNY Empire State College, he expanded the range of graduate and undergraduate offerings, worked towards more effective shared governance, improved retention and quality, and substantially raised the profile of the institution as an alternative and unique institution. His final contribution was a bold new proposal for ‘Open SUNY’ in which all the SUNY colleges and universities could collaborate to form the largest public open and online system in the US.”

Kwantlen was smart to get Dr. Davis. I am looking forward to working with him.

Break Down and Freak Out

This summer was a blessed vertigo. I’ve never taken so much time off before. Olympia, Washington is the least glamorous place in which I have ever lived. I was enchanted by its sounds and beauties.

Home in Vancouver now. First class was today. It felt fantastic.

This semester’s classes: Marketing in a Digital World, Advanced Professional Business Communications, and Writing for the Specialized Workplace.