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Outlook TV in Whistler


My friends at Outlook TV are up in Whistler, BC this week covering the annual Winter Pride event. Judging from their Facebook updates, they are having a very good time.

Two of these friends, Jack Fox and Shayne Forster, who report for and help produce the show, recently announced they were taking a break from their T-Bodies project, after five years of publishing calendars and cards, as well as promoting and participating in events throughout the northwest. I was very proud and delighted to have worked with them over the years on many T-Bodies projects.

Outlook TV’s January edition is its best yet: “We have the Unstoppable Conni Smuge with Boy George & Marc Vedo, Francisco Valdiviezo learns about LEGIT, No Homophobes-Public Service Announcement from the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services, Jozef Bosman checks in on the World OutGames, Fred Kamperman finds out about the Celebrities Night Club Renovations, a recap with Shayne Forster on the CWH Wellness Centre, Jack Fox gives us a sneak peek of WinterPRIDE, and Skyler Baier swims with the English Bay Swim Club.”


Support Brooklyn College …

and academic freedom. Karen L. Gould, the president of Brooklyn College, is providing real leadership.

Mayor Bloomberg needs to step up on this one, too.