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The Canadian Arachnoid Cyst Foundation website’s up

With the help of two students from my upper-level Technical Report Writing class this summer, last week Garry Hicks launched an important new website devoted to spreading awareness of Arachnoid cysts and to helping out those who are suffering with them. It is an honour to be a part of this initiative in its early going.

Garry Hicks

Garry Hicks

The point of being a scholar

My friend Jonathan Mayhew takes issue with an author’s defense of lowered expectations in scholarship. I agree with Jonathan Mayhew on this. Short-cuts corrode the mind.

I do, in fact, master my field. That’s the point of being a scholar. I would suggest that this person, so much in awe of [Slavoj] Zizek [who recently admitted to using someone else’s work without attribution], does not even know enough to know whether Zizek is full of shit or not. … I guess the argument that all scholars are incompetent is convenient if you yourself don’t really know enough not to fake it yourself.


I was wearing the Kwantlen school colours out at a neighborhood Oympia restaurant last night. As an older couple was leaving the restaurant, the husband came over to me. “We have been trying to determine what KPU might stand for. We thought it might mean ‘kinetic power unit’.” My date thought this was very funny indeed.

And also …

I prayed to God that when Kurt Cobain died, people would wake up about depression and suicide. That did not happen. I pray, again, that Robin Williams’ death will wake people up. People who kill themselves are falling apart in pain. It is not about you.


People who say suicides are cowards lack imagination even more than they do compassion.