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what a year

Loyal friendships. Unanticipated turns. Rediscoveries. And an ever-growing love for Vancouver.

Thank you for reading, everyone. I hope you have a holiday filled with love and delight.

winter flower



The source of my greatest anguish, St. Paul’s School, in Wellesley, Massachusetts, closed down this year. I found out yesterday. Part of me felt relief. A bigger part felt ill. The biggest part felt anger, that the school died before I could get even (so to speak).

A happy sign


On Bidwell near Davie Street, Vancouver.

Beautifully Put

As basil.CA readers know, I go to Clarissa’s Blog every morning. It is always so smart and vivid. (No need for a second cup of coffee.) This morning in a post titled “Offensive Defense” she writes:

Yet another fellow on TV suggested that “ISIS wants us to turn against Muslims because that will make it easier to recruit.”

This oft-repeated idea paints an offensive picture of Muslims as people who are uniformly two seconds away from turning into terrorists and mass murderers. Nobody says shit like that about anybody else. “Don’t say anything mean about Ukrainians or they might run away and join a gang that rapes children and murders people for fun.”

Can’t we, instead, just say that it’s not acceptable to persecute Muslims because it’s wrong to do that to people and not because we are terrified of the inner animal that supposedly hides in every Muslim?