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John Glionna

My dear friend is an endlessly creative and resourceful writer. His recently launched website is a treasure.

John Glionna Reporting from Olympia

My old buddy John Glionna was up in the Olympia area recently doing research on a couple of stories for the Los Angeles Times. It was great to see him: John is perhaps the most wide-awake person I have ever known, and he’s been a stalwart friend to me over many years. John’s a brilliant and […]

A gift for friendship …

I’ve certainly been the lucky recipient of John‘s. Many have. I remember the moment well: I was lounging in bed on a Saturday night, drinking red wine and reading some escapist nonfiction, when the telephone rang. It was a young friend, a guy half my age, and he was in crisis. He and his girlfriend […]


A theme in all my orientation classes is the primacy of feedback in communication: how you give it, how you receive it. When you gratefully welcome feedback into your life from colleagues, you grow as a professional, because you learn. When you usefully provide feedback to your colleagues, they get better as professionals, because they […]

In which yours truly gets written up …

… by dear friend John Glionna on his superb blog. (photo by Lincoln Clarkes, 2002)