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Tony Conrad

Tony Conrad was a genius and a beloved friend to so many of us in Buffalo, NY. He tried to teach me how to act on camera during the filming of “Tammy and the Jesuit” (I was the Jesuit) (never finished, never released!). Here is his obituary in the New York Times. Here is his work […]

“Is Buffalo Baltimore?” …

… Asks my esteemed colleague Mike Niman (in – which has a firewall, alas): Here in Buffalo … we need to look proactively at racial disparities in policing, not only in the city but in all of the political constructs we call suburbs. Omnipresent cell phone video cameras mean that racist business-as-usual can no […]

Mike Niman on capitalism and contagion

Professor Mike Niman’s new column ripples with that combination of pessimism and winsomeness that has long characterized his philosophical and prose styles. An brief excerpt: Medical research is expensive and usually driven by private investment, which is drawn to profit, not service. Hence, while Malaria continued to devastate the third world, and Ebola lay in […]

Luxury Boxes in Buffalo, NY – No, really …

From my old and much admired colleague, Buffalo State University Professor Mike Niman: People like new things. I get it. That’s what shopping malls are all about. Within this culture, it’s to be expected that the conventional wisdom says we need to replace a 74,000 seat football stadium that cost $22 million to build in 1973, with […]

A Billionaire’s Cold War

Mike Niman.

Professor Mike Niman on lowering higher education

Last week Barack Obama visited SUNY/Buffalo, where I got my BA, to talk about education. My friend Mike Niman was not entirely pleased with the president’s message: The frustrating thing about Obama’s visit is, while he addressed the problem [of much higher costs for post-secondary students], the cause seemed to have eluded him. The math is not […]

“The Long Con”

Health care in the USA. Michael Niman’s analysis is superb and scathing.

“The Dirty Dozen”

Mike Niman was a fellow college journalist back in the late 1970s and early 1980s at SUNY/Buffalo.  He was an activist in the true sense of the word — indefatigable and heading somewhere – and he founded a student newspaper (originally called, and wittily so, “The Other One,” and later titled “The Alternative Press”) to […]


11 Feb 10: Mike Niman is one of my favourite authors, indeed, one of my favourite people. We met one another more than thirty years ago, as students at SUNY/Buffalo. We became friendly journalistic adversaries, with Mike founding an alternative newspaper (wittily called “The Other One”) to counter the influence of the mainstream student newspaper […]


12 Feb 10: Thinking of Mike Niman’s post, let’s not pretend we are dead.