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Leaving Olympia

My second summer in Olympia, Washington comes to an end in a few days. It was a good time: I gave up television and swearing and I visited Big Tom’s twice, eating in the parking lot. I did some reading and writing, prepared for my fall classes, grilled portobello mushrooms and delicata squash, and spent […]

John Glionna Reporting from Olympia

My old buddy John Glionna was up in the Olympia area recently doing research on a couple of stories for the Los Angeles Times. It was great to see him: John is perhaps the most wide-awake person I have ever known, and he’s been a stalwart friend to me over many years. John’s a brilliant and […]


I have spent the last two summers working and writing in Olympia, Washington. I love this city.


I very much like this place so far. Where I’m living there is art and history, and people out and about, everywhere … and some beautiful water.


This morning I’m on my way down to the States to sign a lease on a summer sublet right in downtown Olympia, Washington, and could not be more excited. I haven’t actually seen the place yet; a friend picked it out, and smart-phoned some photos to me. This is going to be a wonderful, adventurous […]