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Some help for Kwantlen students during the pandemic

A message from my university: The Kwantlen Student Association [KSA] has donated $100,000 in emergency funding for students at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. To match this generous gift, KPU will also donate $100,000. “The KSA always strives to represent its students, and we hope that with this donation, we can give students financial assistance to reduce […]

some time

I have written very little about these pandemic times. I miss my American loved ones beyond words. Here’s my grandson, Colby, whom I hope to meet before too long.

Grateful days

So, Sunday was Valentine’s Day. Yesterday was a British Columbia holiday called Family Day. Already a one – two punch for lots of people, especially during the pandemic. I am trying to come up with a holiday for today to complete a trigger hat-trick. (A-Plus Day? Let’s Splurge Day? Beauties Day? Continence Day?)


Back in 2013 I wrote: Unless they mean it humorously, when people utter this phrase – “but I’m not complaining” – they are  *always* complaining; i.e., they are expressing “pain, grief, or discontent.” What these sad and/or irritated individuals mean to say is this:  “But I’m not whining.”  That is, they are not complaining in a petulant, […]

“The Dirty Dozen”

Mike Niman was a fellow college journalist back in the late 1970s and early 1980s at SUNY/Buffalo.  He was an activist in the true sense of the word — indefatigable and heading somewhere – and he founded a student newspaper (originally called, and wittily so, “The Other One,” and later titled “The Alternative Press”) to […]