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The Salaita affair

Your author joins the debate over at Stupid Motivational Tricks. The Chicago Tribune provides background.

September Eleventh

Most of the world marks this day because of what happened nine years ago. I mark that day as well, and call it what the rest of the world does: “9/11,” leaving “September Eleventh” to mean what it has meant all my life, the day my parents, Maureen and George, got married, in 1954. The above photo was taken in Montreal, sometime between now and then. My parents have always done all they could to support the endeavors of their children and their grandchildren.

Facebook Birthday

I am a big fan of Facebook for a lot of reasons. I like becoming friends with people I wish I knew better back in the day, I like being able to confirm friendships with old good friends (“you can’t make new old friends”), and I like, so very much, all the birthday greetings. I’m 51 today.

Fun New Band

The Dum Dum Girls: Wonderful songs, old-world production, lovely singing. Here is the band’s MySpace page. Click on the photo to listen to “Catholicked.”

New York

I’m off to my American home ground, Buffalo and Rochester and NYC, next week: A family reunion and visits with wonderful friends. Normally I loathe leaving BC, but I am very happy to be having this trip.