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iPhone Olympics

28 Feb 10: My iPhone Olympics.


27 Feb 10: Roger Ebert is one of my favourite writers. Since he lost his ability to speak a few years ago, his writing has become (even more) dazzlingly prolific. In addition to his articles and his blog, Ebert has taken to Twitter with wonderful and brilliant energy.

Olympics in Vancouver

25 Feb 10: I’ve been so consumed with the Olympics (visiting with my son and his girlfriend, eating very well, and meeting great people) that, outside of emails to students and remarks on their assignments, I’ve been writing little of late.

Bad Olympics

15 Feb 10: You can get your anti-corporate-capitalist take on the Olympics and everything else at the Vancouver Media Coop.

Beautiful happy Vancouver Olympics

14 Feb 10: Yesterday I went strolling around my beautiful city yesterday with my iPhone and Nikon camera. You see some photos here and two videos of the Olympic crowd here and here.