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The Martin Building

Downtown Olympia has a lot of character: Old buildings are maintained with dignity and wit, without being beautified, and, as I noted below, art is everywhere, inside and out. Behold what we get to see in the stairwell of my residence. The collages, by David Scherer Water, are dazzling.


Olympia, Washington waterfront, near the city’s historic district

I very much like this place so far. Where I’m living there is art and history, and people out and about, everywhere … and some beautiful water.

“Delicate Male Sensibilities”

Somebody had to say it.” Tom Tomorrow’s archives are worth visiting.

Literally When in Rome

I love Eschaton, the blog written by Duncan Black (aka “Atrios”). This is a post on driving and audience analysis.

This post, “Helicopter Drop,” on the European financial crisis, is more typical, though: “It really doesn’t have to be this way. Instead of giving more free money to the banksters and pretty pleasing them to lend it out to somebody else, you can just give people free money directly. Drop it from helicopters. Mail everybody a check. Add a zero on the end of everyone’s bank balance. Whatever. If you want there to be more money in the economy, give people more money. It really is that simple, or should be.”


This morning I’m on my way down to the States to sign a lease on a summer sublet right in downtown Olympia, Washington, and could not be more excited. I haven’t actually seen the place yet; a friend picked it out, and smart-phoned some photos to me. This is going to be a wonderful, adventurous summer. What to move in with, besides my laptop and books, and some clothes and my bike? Most everything I need is already there. I very much like the feel of this university and government town, and the people I’ve met seem very winsome indeed.

I have some projects planned (as usual): preparing an upper-level marketing class on digital media, rewriting two other courses I’ve been teaching for a while, and reanimating a couple of business and writing initiatives. My main goal, though, is to visit friends there, and to spread some happy Canadian vibes while soaking up theirs.

Heritage Vancouver’s Photostream …

is fantastic. Above is an image of Chinatown in the late fifties (would be my guess). Note all that great neon! (Postcard photographer: Rolly Ford.)


Tomorrow is the last big day of my semester: I have three meetings with esteemed colleagues out on Kwantlen‘s Surrey campus … and then I have some time “off.” This will be a happily new experience for me. (Well, *paid* time off, that is.)