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Over at No Contest Communications …

… we’ve been pretty busy, defending the joy and surprise of youthful poetry, humbly bowing before an author of several authoritative English Language style-guides, worrying about the future of American universities, promoting an initiative that encourages women to learn computer code, and getting goosebumps.

Student Blogs

It’s that time again: My “Digital Media Marketing” students have started their class blogs. In the past, student work on this social-media platform has made up a good deal of the course’s content.

A woman and a song

The humility of this version moves me greatly.


cert.phpI’ve been “certified” as a social / digital media expert by HootSuite, after taking its rigorous and wonderful HootSuite University training program. (I’d finished the coursework last year and only just got around to applying for the certification.) I recommend the program to my digital marketing students, who are given free access to it by the Vancouver-based company.

The Art of Maria Basil


My sister has a lovely piece in a new show at Rochester, NY’s Memorial Art Gallery.