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“Why people applaud abuse”

Another take on Baltimore, from Clarissa’s Blog.

A puzzle

Were I the mayor of a sizeable United States city – one that has a large African American population – I would be on the air-waves or travelling my city by foot and car assuring my constituents that I and other city officials will be improving relations between that population and the police starting right now. Were I the governor, I would be in that city promising job programs and infrastructure creation. If, as I expect, the six officers involved in killing Freddie Gray – that black young man from West Baltimore – are exonerated (or even partially exonerated) by an upcoming police report, there will be violence across the nation, with not just rocks and bricks but with bullets and bombs.

But where are they? Why, at this late date, are these mayors and governors not in their own streets working to mitigate the profound destruction likely to arrive in but a couple of days?

Art and Physics: Cartoons and Motion

Squish and stretch. False physics, true imagining.