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New domains

This morning the registrar invited me to purchase the URL at a “discount.”

This seems like a lot. Here’s the pitch:

Whether you want to safeguard your brand, provide your audience with a savvy way to share feedback, or execute creative marketing campaigns, .SUCKS stands out from the rest as a bold and brave domain.

I used to gobble up domain names but decided to pass on this one. I passed on this one as well:

I did get and, though. Not too expensive! My ideas are already percolating.

(If I decide to write that memoir, no doubt I will very much regret not having!)

The abandoned memoir

From six years ago.

Jacquelin Elinski

Jackey was the youngest of her siblings, all of whom welcomed me with love and friendliness to their homes and into their lives. She was surpassingly sharp, and almost never said a common thing. Her Christmas Eve parties showed me what life should be.