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Got to this eventually …

26 June 10: Starting in July, basil.CA will be published as a WordPress rather than as a Mac site. I’m looking forward to the change; I’m looking forward to learning *how* to make the change, actually. It seems straightforward, and I already have put together the skeleton of the new site. Bells and whistles next. Goal: To bring back the all-over-the-place content targets of the original site, but with a hyper-lucid feel. Stay tuned!

Summer Promises

20 June 10: Boy, I’ve been a ghost here recently. It’s summer, and my plate is crowded otherwise: I have my three upper-level Kwantlen classes working hard; one new requirement this year is that they contribute to a blog addressing professional communications: Check it out (lots of good stuff). With my partners at the Community-University Research Alliance’s “Acting Together” project, I am working to re-do our website and launch various knowledge dissemination initiatives. With a colleague, I’m preparing a two-day Social Media module for instructors in the Marketing Department. And: I’m playing with my iPhone blog and keeping up to date with my Facebook friends. And tweeting.

More actual real material soon, I promise.