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A New Year’s resolution

I normally don’t make one, but I *am* making one resolution this year round, that in 2011 I will write more (online, that is — I wrote plenty last year, mostly on student reports). One venue:, which I am co-editing with a writer from Kwantlen with the great pen-name “barefoot writer.” We made a start this summer but both got swallowed up by school once fall came around. (A favourite “barefoot writer” post here.)

Thomasso’s blog

Thomasso’s a super-smart former student of mine who recently graduated with a BA in Criminology from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. I quite enjoy his blog.


After today, I’m *done*. In terms of teaching and administering and communications and publishing projects, this has been the most jam-packed year of my life. I am a very lucky person; I love what I do. I am looking forward to the break, though, to sit and think, and to write here more often, and to come up with new and niftier ways of doing things.

Daniel Clowes

I tend to like dyspeptic people. Their irritability makes them discerning. I really like the work of Dan Clowes. Above is a panel from his most recent book, “Wilson.”