New basil.CA design intelligently critiqued

31 Jan 10: Regarding the new basil.CA design, my friend Val McMeekin writes: Thinking back to my first impression of your [old] website…it visually wowed me! It implied importance…vital information here…the art of communication in combination with the art of fast paced media attributes! The site looked more fancy…and importantly…it worked…yet the aspect of you was somewhat lost due to the linked-in aspect on your home page…being able to click to another person…the focus was less you…the concentration of your prior homepage was the links.

I just went through your site more in detail as it is set up easier for me! From my perspective…I spent more time on your site today. The prior times I went into your site I would click on something that was visually appealing or interested me through title. However, then I was in other peoples sites and not as concentrated on You! I went into your site because I wanted to learn about you!!

I like the new…but in all honesty…I prefer the more chaotic!