I really liked Teno Kostopoulos

25 July 10: Another passing: Teno Kostopoulos, a good buddy of mine who managed my building for a number of years. During what turned out to be our final conversation, Teno told me how much he loved living here, in our building, The Vivian, and in Vancouver; how, despite his infirmities (he couldn’t walk up and down the stairs anymore), he would never retire. Teno could get cranky — the last time I woke him up because I had lost my keys and was stuck outside, he noted tartly, “Basil, this bullshit has got to stop” — but he made sure we had a friendly building. One way he did so, by the way, was by welcoming tenants who had pets. “Tenants who have pets are happier tenants,” he would say. “You come home and if your day’s been shitty, there’s your cat or dog waiting for you and you feel better already.” I will miss you dearly, Teno, and remember you happily.

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