September Eleventh

Most of the world marks this day because of what happened nine years ago. I mark that day as well, and call it what the rest of the world does: “9/11,” leaving “September Eleventh” to mean what it has meant all my life, the day my parents, Maureen and George, got married, in 1954. The above photo was taken in Montreal, sometime between now and then. My parents have always done all they could to support the endeavors of their children and their grandchildren.


  Jenny wrote @

I love this photo of them in front of Freda and Reg’s place. I feel so lucky that I was told I could be whatever I wanted. They did not place any limits on my dreams, no matter how concerned they may have been about how wonky some of my dreams were!


Your sis

  Alan Jamison wrote @

Well, there they are! I remember one of the first times I was invited home with you and met your mom. There was a great big wall board picture of your dad on an easel in the kitchen. It was to be used at the end of a business presentation your dad was working.

There he was: sitting back, smiling huge, and toasting the viewer with a martini. It was impressive, and I didn’ teven know the content of the presentation. Didn’t care, I’ll buy it!!

The smile in this picture is very close to that; just a little more casual.

Happy anniversary!!!


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