The Monday and Friday Test

At my son’s graduation from SUNY Geneseo a couple of years ago, Senator Chuck Schumer came by to give a short speech. It was a great speech, one I repeat to all my students, who are at the start of new careers.

He told the students that, for the rest of their lives, they would still have to take two tests every week: The Monday Test, and the Friday Test. (The grads groaned, but with smiles on their faces.)

How do you feel on Monday, as you get ready to start your work week? Do you have acid stomach, a headache, anxiety? If you do, you have failed the Monday test, and then you need to consider making changes to your work life.

How do you feel on Friday, as you get ready to go home and see your family, neighbors, cat? If you are thinking about other places to go to before you go home, then have failed the Friday test, and you might need to consider making changes at home.


  azasada wrote @

As much as I LOVE my career, the company I work for, my boss and coworkers, I would never want to have two tests a week as a basis if I am passing “life” per say.

Life is more than being satisfied at work, its only 24% of a week!

The test I beleive in:
Monday: I wake up beside the person I love.
Friday night: know I can call someone to share a great bottle of wine to dish about my great accomplishments!

Food for thought!

  Bob Basil wrote @

Agata, I’m too much of a loner to pass your test, alas!

  azasada wrote @

You are far from a loner Bob! At this point in time you have 168 linked in connections, 398 FB connections and countless number of authentic relationships.

You will always pass the Friday test as long as I shall live. We can even share wine across oceans.

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