“The Endless Entertainment of Human Destiny”

The Saddle Cats play Western Swing music

To aspiring Arts and Music journalists in Buffalo back in the day, Jeff Simon of the Buffalo News was the gold standard: wickedly smart and funny, and wise in his tastes in arts and letters. He mentored younger writers, including my friend Richard Chon, who was a huge presence in Buffalo’s music scene in the 1980s. Here’s part of Simon’s review of “Herdin’ Cats,” the recent, debut album by Richard’s band “The Saddle Cats“:

“There may be no stranger or more delightful odyssey for a Buffalo-raised musician than that of Richard Chon. A former intern at this newspaper and longtime contributing classical music critic of notably stringent and noble standards, he went to Bakersfield as a journalist and somehow, miraculously made a wild and crazy left turn into becoming one of the more rollicking fiddle aristocrats of Western Swing on the West Coast…. [His album] is great fun, but as a tribute to the endless entertainment of human destiny, it’s even more than that.” Read the whole review here.

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