“Crossover Artist”

Dr. Bowman

Vancouver’s Dr. Cameron Bowman is a hero to some good friends of mine, and to a number of the transgendered models in T-Bodies Productions’Manamorphosis” calendars and playing cards. There is an excellent profile of the bold and brilliant doctor in March’s Vancouver Magazine: “Sex Reassignment as an Artform.”  “No one was helping these people,” notes Dr. Bowman in the article. “There is that moment when a transgender patient wakes up after surgery and looks in the mirror to see a body that is startlingly new and yet somehow familiar. That’s my favourite part, that first reaction. Sometimes they cry – that makes me cry sometimes. They hug you and say, ‘Thank you.’ That’s why I do this.”

[Last week’s superb series of Global News pieces on transgendered individuals can be seen here. Dr. Bowman is featured.– 25 April ’11]

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