Langley Tree

I had a favourite tree. It was in a little marsh beside Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Langley campus. Since I started teaching there, I always stopped to gaze at this tree on my way into campus and back on my way out to the bus stop next to Liquidation World. I must have taken more than a 100 pictures of it. When I got my cat, Dig, he reminded me of this tree — dignified, if ragged, and beautiful. It is a weird but real grief  – my beloved tree has fallen over into the swamp.


  Myriam wrote @

This is a rather sad but beautiful story, Bob.

  Thomasso wrote @

I know exactly where this is, being a Langley inhabitant, plus campus ex-pat myself. I have wondered through that marsh, snapping a few photos on my “point and shoot” cameras, over the past few years too.

These photos you took are great. The first one really caught my eye. Wonderful!

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