This morning I’m on my way down to the States to sign a lease on a summer sublet right in downtown Olympia, Washington, and could not be more excited. I haven’t actually seen the place yet; a friend picked it out, and smart-phoned some photos to me. This is going to be a wonderful, adventurous summer. What to move in with, besides my laptop and books, and some clothes and my bike? Most everything I need is already there. I very much like the feel of this university and government town, and the people I’ve met seem very winsome indeed.

I have some projects planned (as usual): preparing an upper-level marketing class on digital media, rewriting two other courses I’ve been teaching for a while, and reanimating a couple of business and writing initiatives. My main goal, though, is to visit friends there, and to spread some happy Canadian vibes while soaking up theirs.

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