Teaching Public Communications: Practicing Privacy, Protecting Copyright

This summer I’ve been preparing materials for a class I’m teaching for the first time (an upper-level marketing class, focusing on digital / social media) as well as reformulating two other courses (an advanced professional communications class for the Entrepreneurial Leadership program and a workplace communications class for students in the Special Education Teaching Assistant program). Kwantlen directives have been “evolving” this year on the issues of both privacy (on the internet and otherwise) and the use of copyrighted materials in the classroom.

I’m a bit astonished by how much additional preparation this is requiring in terms of selecting and organizing academic activity in and out of the classroom. Privacy and copyright are serious but not always completely defined issues – especially as far as “privacy” is concerned; “solutions” are therefore even *less* defined. Professional writing is about appearing, verbally, in public. How am I going to teach this?

My answer is something I don’t want to screw up. (I’ll let you know what I come up with!)

It is a good thing that my funky pad in Olympia has no TV, because I can’t afford to blow any time this summer. There’s just enough time for preparing classes, studying, writing, taking pictures, and enjoying friendship.

Update: Links to Privacy Protocol (from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner) and Copyright information added.

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