thanks-giving day

Americans in motion

Shortly after I started basil.CA in 2002, I wrote, “Much as I love my Canadian land, I do miss being in the United States for American Thanksgiving. If you put aside the historical ironies of the original Thanksgiving, you’re left with a day to meditate on the world’s generosity to you:  My son, for instance, and my siblings, and my parents, and most of my favourite friends are still alive.  Boats go by my apartment’s balcony.  I’m reading Cookie Mueller for the first time.  And I have a new favourite colour (light violet), a fact that delights me to no end, God knows why.”

This year has been filled with many new as well as recurrent blessings.  Today I’ve been writing my students and colleagues at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. I am so lucky to have a gig as an educator there. And tomorrow I’m taking a train to the United States, where, the day after, I will be cooking a turkey with some cherished friends.

Happy thanks-giving … to everyone.

Another Olympia, Washington scene

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