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Part of my mindfulness practice these days is paying attention to acts that make me happy.

I have found that for this flâneur, looking straight up while walking around fills his sensorium with delight and gratitude.

(The picture above and the others in the new batch – click on the pic – were taken on Burnaby Street in Vancouver, a few blocks from English Bay.)

Liberal Party Iconography


A good buddy from the United States writes:

Glad you folks had another measured election (by which I mean: it didn’t last years, not that it didn’t stray into weird dog-whistle territory) and despite my revulsion at dynasties in democracies, you elected a new team. I do think, however, that the Liberals might want to stay away from Kim Jong-Il-style graphics, eh?

He appended the photo above.

Getty Images has a host of other election-night photos

Langley scene


That old tree fell down a couple of years ago. Ubi sunt.

What luck might dawn

Two posts from basil.CA’s eighth year:

20 Jan. 09: You don’t have to be trusting, or have a warm heart, to be kind.  I am colder, and farther away from you, than Neptune.

27 Dec. 09: Twenty-seven years ago today I was a groom. Shortly thereafter I understood that I could predict the future no better than I could read the past, and that my intelligence was narrow and intermittent. Eventually I stopped thinking of myself as a “smart guy.” My chief value and purpose became work. I work very hard and I work every day, to see what luck might dawn.

Thus ends our little review.

Tempi cambi.


Two posts from basil.CA’s seventh year:

15 Jan. 08: When it comes to fostering moral and humane conduct, courtesy is superior to compassion. It certainly springs from a deeper well.

10 May 08:  Can a person be vain about his or her own goodness and still be truly good? I have wondered about this for years. I think the answer is yes. [I did not tend to like such people very much, though. Still don’t, a pity.- Oct. 18, ’15]