Not everyone believes that Mother Teresa was particularly virtuous.

Back in December 02 I wrote in basil.CA,

I see that Pope John Paul “approved a miracle” attributed to Mother Teresa’s intercession, “paving the way for the nun who dedicated her life to the poor to be beatified — and possibly made a saint,” according to the Associated Press. “A Vatican statement Friday said Mother Teresa’s work in the last century had made her a “‘world emblem of Christian charity.'” 

Although I don’t make a point of mentioning this at parties, I have never much esteemed the late nun.  My real disdain began when I learned in the eighties that she refused free pain medication offered her hospices because she wanted indigent, dying Hindus to imitate Christ on the cross (I kid you not).  That said, there are many circles of hell – one should never forget this! – and hers is several circles to the north of where Cardinal Bernard Law will end up. [link added]

Alas, I don’t know where this nun has ended up, though I do know where her myth has. She will be canonized on September 4th.

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