Three Days

“I can’t say as ever I was lost, but I was bewildered once for three days.” – Daniel Boone


  sanjose61 wrote @

That’s an interesting and fun quote. Archaically it seems like being bewildered would be pretty similar to being lost. What do you think?

  Robert Basil wrote @

I would guess that “bewildered” and “wilderness” share an etymology, though I bet Mr. Boone personally had a lot of words for what *I* would call wilderness. He seemed always to know where he was (except for three days). My brother seems to share some of that gift; I most certainly don’t.

  sanjose61 wrote @

I would fancy myself a competent person in that regard but honestly, it’s never really been put to the test… thus allowing me to meander down my trail of delusion.

  sanjose61 wrote @

Anyways, one interpretation of the Boone quote could be that he was actually lost, but he wasn’t bewildered in the modern sense of that word.

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