“Second-tier complaints”

A daily joy of mine – a true joy – is reading whatever Kristi Coulter has put on her FB wall. From yesterday:

Someone named Chad emailed to let me know “Enjoli” is all about First World Problems. Thank you for crawling out of your lean-to, watering your team of oxen and then walking barefoot from your shantytown to the nearest WiFi cafe to tap out this message on a donated TRS-80, Chad. Especially with your energy as depleted by scurvy as it is. [link added]

She adds:

The week after Enjoli came out I set up a Gmail filter that auto-deletes any mail containing “bitch,” “Nazi,” “cunt,” etc. Might be time to extend to “First World problems,” “whiny,” “privileged,” and the other second-tier complaints people have about me.

Something from today apropos my post below:

Dear “mass shootings are caused by violence in movies and video games” crowd: you do realize this is the era of globalization, right? You do know that people in other developed western countries are consuming many of the same movies and games we do in the US, correct? That the children aren’t out in the meadow playing hoop-and-stick and reciting psalms all day?

I just want to make sure you understand that, so that we can eliminate Violent Entertainment as a causation candidate in this, the most drawn-out and torturous A/B test in world fucking history.

Thanks. I’ll be here later on when you want to have the same conversation about secularism or single-parent families.

Kristi’s book of essays, Nothing Good Can Come from This, comes out this August. Everybody I know and kind of like will be getting one for Christmas.

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