Teaching I would do for free …

*Marking* is where I earn my millions.

The current marking marathon: 270 documents. (120 done so far …) Expected date of completion: next week sometime. (This would be a dreadfully painful experience without my outlandishly expensive Aeron Chair.)


  Robert wrote @

As a change of pace, have you ever tried working while standing? I recently installed a large wall-mount table (60″ wide x 40″ deep) with a 9 degree pitch. The lower (near edge) of the table is at 40″ above floor which is my perfect height for standing while working. I stand on a reflexology/accupressure foot pad. When I feel like sitting I have a tall stool nearby but will eventually buy a “standing stool” which ergonomically is somewhere between sitting and standing.

  Robert wrote @

Nice chair btw.

  Bob Basil wrote @

Bob, I would need a reflexology/accupressure foot pad for me to stand for any length of time. What would you recommend?

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