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I had lunch the other day with Jack Fox, a former Kwantlen Polytechnic University student of mine and a great friend. (Last year he was interviewed as one of the finalists for Kwantlen’s “Alumni of the Year” Award.) He always has a bunch of projects on the go.

A couple of years ago I introduced Jack to my friends at Shaw Cablesystems, who were looking for volunteers to help produce coverage of the North American Outgames. That experience led to Outlook TV, where he now helps write, produce and edit a monthly LGBT magazine show that airs on Shaw’s Channel 4 and OUTtv across Canada. It’s a delightful and important program, mixing interviews with advocates and organizers with segments on song, theatre, community, and sports. (You can visit the Outlook TV website and FB page.)

Recently Jack signed on as Producer for “The Switch,” an Internet comedy series under development that focuses on the lives of transgendered individuals in Vancouver, with male-to-female and female-to-male transgendered actors playing all the transgendered roles. (You can visit The Switch website and FB page – and become a supporter of the show by making a donation here.)

This isn’t the first time Jack has helped break ground in bringing media awareness to transgender issues. In 2008 his company T-Bodies productions began publishing “Manamorphosis,” elegant and handsome black-and-white calendars featuring female-to-male transgendered models. The project was the first of its kind. T-Bodies went on hiatus earlier this year, but you can still pick up the 2013 calendar at Little Sisters bookstore in Vancouver.

This man’s career is worth following.

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