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Feed the Tree.

Cardero and Denman.

To the south

After I moved back to Canada in 1996, I spent many years trying to determine what made Canadians and Americans different. I came to two conclusions: (1) Americans are ruled by zeal, (2) Canadians by a sense of the commonweal.

About a month ago I decided to go with a third conclusion as well: Americans hate one another.

Considerable simplifications, I know, but with high explanatory value.


Back in 2016 a woman in my Dialectical Behavioural Therapy class told us she was “practicing not having Costco-size emotional reactions to 7-11-sized situations.” It became my motto.

Happy Canada Day

Design by Kwakwaka’wakw artist J. Curtis Wilson.

Morning walk

Lost Lagoon.

It’s easier to physically distance oneself from others in the mornings and in Stanley Park, but the place is still busy.

I’m blessed to be living in this paradise.