KPU launches new continuing and professional studies programs

My university has been working on this initiative for some time. It will be wonderful for British Columbia (and Canada – as many of the classes are online). As far as my division is concerned:

Through the KPU school of business, CPS [continuing and professional studies] has established the Contractor’s Academy —  Western Canada’s only such school where contractors can learn the business skills needed to build their company.

More from the Langley Times article:

“Right off the top, the courses we’re offering on building envelope design are unique. Our professional classes in nursing are unique. Both our highly specialized eating disorders course and the Contractor’s Academy are unparalleled,” said Jim Pelton, executive director of continuing and professional studies (CPS).

“Across disciplines, these courses are designed to update skillsets, enhance career prospects and enable lifelong learners to better help others, themselves and their businesses.”

In addition to specialized programming tailored to specific industries, CPS is offering a series of affordable courses on topics that include: how to integrate social media into your organization, creating visual presentations, how to utilize Google Analytics and mastering time management.

More than 65 new courses will be offered this fall, and Pelton says it’s only the first wave.

“We are going to continue to look at the needs of our communities, and the demands of business regionally, and see how we can meet those needs with top-notch programming,” he said. “This is just our first kick at the can, and the can is only going to get bigger.”

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