The Incomplete Man

Jonathan Mayhew has long been one of my favourite people … and favourite writers. Last week in his blog he made this remarkable admission:

I have a piece missing from my self. I am sure a lot of people feel the same way. I know others don’t: their self is complete. They could feel happy, or unhappy, in particular situations, but their self is basically a complete entity. In the same way, I can feel happy, or have good day, but that doesn’t mean I am a complete person. …

I have no idea of why I feel this way, but I almost always have felt so. I cannot even complain about it, because I’m assuming the a certain percentage of people walking around on the street are in exactly the same position as I am. In fact, it gives me some satisfaction to let you all know that this is the way I feel. I will no longer pretend to be a complete person.

Professor Mayhew’s self-awareness and honesty have always moved me.


  Robert wrote @

Apparently whatever it is that makes him incomplete is ineffable.

  sanjose61 wrote @

Apparently whatever it is that’s missing is ineffable.

  Bob Basil wrote @

I’ve been spending a long time meditating on Jonathan’s post – thinking of him, and of other friends, and of course of myself, too. (I have always felt “complete” – often *overstuffed* and hence a complete mess, a gyroscope too big and poorly balanced to stay in its string. This sensation has diminished with age, but I doubt it will ever be removed.)

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