“Be My Junkie Shadow”

Photo Stills of Kat Kosiancic and Denise Greyeyes, courtesy of photographer Chris Young

Kat Kosiancic’s 2002 documentary, “Be My Junkie Shadow,” is a loving but stark portrait of women who have lived and worked in the downtown eastside neighborhood of Vancouver. Some of the women who participated, including Denise Greyeyes, shown above [with the glasses], have passed away since the film was made. You can see this wonderful work at the 4th annual “Frames of Mind Mental Health Film Festival,” this Saturday, May 12, at the Pacific Cinematheque Theatre, 1131 Howe St, Vancouver.

You can read online versions of Kat’s documentary interviews here, in the archives of my great old ezine Ellavon.com.

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Love your blog posts and love the content. Always a good read. – Sue Finley

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