Rest in peace, Francis X. Elinski.

From two of his daughters, Kim and Kris, on Facebook:

Kim: “Last night my father, Francis Xavior Elinski, died after a brief illness. I’m still somewhat in shock. Besides being the father of nine children, he was a teacher, a park policeman, a rifle coach, the past president of Tonawanda United Way, a Staff Sargent in Korea with the US Marines, past commandant of the local Marine Corp League, “worked” Bingo, collected for Catholic Charities, in a bowling league, part of a men’s glee club, cigar smoker and on and on. He was never afraid of hard work or commitments. He took care of my mother to the best of his abilities for the last several years of her life (and in many ways before that) to keep her out of a nursing home–at the cost of his own physical health. He always said he was planning on living to 102. I truly believed his will would take him there. At 81, he died too soon. My family beyond this world continues to grow and rapidly of late. I hope there’s a party.”

Kris: “My sister Kim wrote this, and it just about says it all, except she didn’t mention his extraordinary accordion playing and the fact that he formed the first teachers union for the Tonawanda School system. He will be missed.”

[Please visit the online memorial “guestbook” for Mr. Elinski. – July 25]

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  Kat wrote @

What a nice ode to a true patriarch. It looks to me like he enjoys a good hearty beer too.

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