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Jacquelin Elinski

Jackey was the youngest of her siblings, all of whom welcomed me with love and friendliness to their homes and into their lives. She was surpassingly sharp, and almost never said a common thing. Her Christmas Eve parties showed me what life should be.

Apples and Tree


some time

I have written very little about these pandemic times. I miss my American loved ones beyond words. Here’s my grandson, Colby, whom I hope to meet before too long.

The Sunshine Coast tomato

My brother Chris Basil planting tomatoes on his farm in Gibsons, BC

When can I see them again?

I remember, as a young man I was hitchhiking to the West Coast. A fellow dropped me off at a rest stop in Ohio. I asked a man at the rest stop how far it was to Chicago.

He said, ‘All the way there.’

All we can do is make sure the car has gas and we are heading in the right direction. Nothing will bring the destinations any closer to us.

May 10: This is what I meant.