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Good Rule: Take pleasure in your artistic process

This might not make you an artist. But, if you don’t take such pleasure, no one will give a hoot about your song, painting, poem, or garden. This is from my friend Jonathan Mayhew’s brilliant and beautiful blog:

If you don’t write with delectation your reader will feel none. If you are bored with your topic, your reader will feel your boredom–your pain, whatever it is that you feel, she will feel it too.

Taking pleasure. Well, look at the play I wrote yesterday, playing hooky from my scholarly writing. That was fun and I don’t care whether anyone else likes the final result.

The first thing: take pleasure in the raw materials. What you have chosen to write about has value and interest to you. It could be the pleasure of finding something egregiously bad or stupid, even.

Take pleasure in the level of engagement with the material. You are enjoying your spending of the time in this company. With this engagement, you lose a sense of your self as separate from the material.

Take pleasure in the final result, your ability to make something valuable and pleasurable to other people. Write pleasure-giving sentences.

Academic and personal freedom at Trinity Western University

Friends and former students of mine who have attended TWU say the vibe there is friendly and open-minded, despite

TWU’s long-standing “community covenant,” which requires faculty and students to refrain from homosexual relationships or risk expulsion. The covenant forbids premarital heterosexual relationships and “sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman.” …

Even though Premier Christy Clark’s government has approved TWU’s proposed law school and accepted the university’s argument that “religious freedom” gives it the right to discriminate against gays and lesbians, TWU’s dream to open a law school has run into heavy pushback from provincial law societies, beginning in Eastern Canada.

In the latest development, B.C. Law Society members this month overrode their own leadership and voted by a margin of 3,210 to 968 to direct their board of governors to deny law society accreditation to the proposed law school.

Douglas Todd’s story in The Vancouver Sun covers the controversy very well. (h/t SW)


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“Defecadence”: [DEF-uh-KEYD-ns] Noun –> A particularly awful sequence of musical tones.

Where We Belong

Old-fashioned video and musical values reclaimed: *enchanting*. God bless “Those Darlins,” so smart and fun and … new.

Those Darlins, "In the Wilderness"

Those Darlins, “In the Wilderness”

What is not said …

… is a maze as real as life.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad


I love you, Dad.