Feeling totally great …


… listening to the Paul Westerberg / Juliana collaboration released today: “Wild Stab.” They call themselves the “I Don’t Cares,” oh but they do.

Westerberg sounds great and Hatfield does, too; their ragged harmonies are sweet and living – reminding me a bit of Julie and Buddy Miller‘s – their voices belong together. What beautiful music. *sighs*

Vanyaland, “the Boston-based online music magazine, alternative radio station, and lifestyle brand,” posted an interview with Westerberg conducted by Peter Wolf. Westerberg describes the genesis of the record and what working with Hatfield was like. There are also a number of extended riffs on many other topics, of course.


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  Robert Basil wrote @

One of the biggest moments of my life was being scolded by Juliana Hatfield from the stage at the old Starfish Room in Vancouver. *sighs* “Only Everything” is my desert-island album.

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