Family in Nashville

“Prepare for mass casualties…. coming to children’s hospital” was the message that we received at work this morning. Immediately my heart stopped beating and I nearly threw up.

The thought of any harm befalling these two boys is paralyzing and all consuming. I’m shattered and completely devastated for the families in this beautiful city who hugged their own “Basil boys” for the last time.

I’m at a loss for why we continuously tell ourselves we live in “the greatest country on earth” yet we reside in the one country that routinely witnesses the slaughter of our own children for the sake of… “freedom?” It will never make sense.

Barack Obama once said our children are like our own hearts beating outside of our chests, out in this dangerous world. To the families and the victims of this atrocity, and to my colleagues and the first responders who will never be the same, my heart breaks with yours today.

– Miles Basil

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  suzjb wrote @

Oh Bob. Another tragic day.

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