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November 3, 2020

Pretty sure this date will be the period at the end of a sentence, or the sentence at the beginning of a period.

Happy Canada Day

Design by Kwakwaka’wakw artist J. Curtis Wilson.

Mother’s Day

My son Miles writes:

Happy first Mother’s Day to this amazing woman.

After what turned out to be the scariest day of our lives, Alie and I welcomed Colby Joseph Basil into the world three months earlier than expected on May 1st, 2020. Weighing in at just under two pounds, Colby is as cute as he is tiny and is growing and fighting everyday in his new NICU home. We already love him beyond words.

I could never begin to explain the bravery that this new mom had to display in the midst of incredible uncertainty and fear, and did it all with grace and courage that blew me away. She did it with great physical and emotional strength and she did it with a husband and new father at her side who was both terrified but also in complete awe of her.

This is a picture of Alie going to meet Colby the day after he was born. Less than 24 hours of recovery after emergency surgery, there is a genuine, beautiful smile behind that mask. In a world packed with anxiety, this mom is once again fearless, positive, and nurturing, and is ready to meet her new baby boy.

Colby is the luckiest boy on the planet to call you mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

I am truly blessed to be in all of their lives.

Morning walk

Lost Lagoon.

It’s easier to physically distance oneself from others in the mornings and in Stanley Park, but the place is still busy.

I’m blessed to be living in this paradise.

7 pm